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What is a  School Parent App

A school-parent app is a software that facilitates communication between schools and parents.The primary role of a school parent app is to act as a unified platform for all types of school communication activities.

A school parent app is usually adopted at schools when the school wants to have a more seamless, secure and instant communication channel that can replace ineffective traditional communication channels like emails and SMSs. This way, the school can benefit from a safe and robust communication ecosystem that works best for everyone. What makes a school parent app unique is that it lets the school administration take control over the entire communication activities happening inside the school. This way, the school can give or revoke login privileges to user accounts, add, modify the data of parents and students as needed and facilitate a safe space for the entire school community to interact with each other.

The market provides a wide variety of school parent apps with various advanced communication features and functionalities. But every app is designed to bring out specific outcomes, so it is always best to try out the software and its functionalities to check if it matches your requirements before making a decision.

How does a School Parent App work

The school-parent app usually has a collaborative dashboard that lets the school have a complete overview of all the school communication activities. It connects school staff, teachers, parents, and students in a secure ecosystem, where communication and engagement happen under the direct supervision of the school administration. In other words, a school parent app works as a communication system that enables seamless communication while ensuring security and privacy to everyone involved and brings more opportunities and outcomes for students.

This software improves interactions and engagement by providing advanced communication features like instant chat, secure messaging features, emergency alerts, live broadcasting and engagement reports. In addition, it also facilitates enhanced parent-teacher interactions, free flow of ideas, feedback and encouragement between school communities.

Where is a School Parent App
used and by whom

The school parent app is primarily used by schools to establish and improve communication between teachers, parents and students. With this app, the school can have a secure environment for everyone to interact and communicate.


Manage entire communication activities, review engagement reports and create, edit or delete user accounts and files.


Initiate chat, share class materials, homework, and conduct live sessions with parents and students.


Initiate chat, send messages and documents, access child profile, homework, class materials and other documents shared by teachers


Access students profile, reply to message requests from teachers, and upload files requested when requested by teachers.

Benefits of using a Teachers App
in School Parent Communication

When it comes to communication between schools and parents, it's been found that the sharing of creative ideas, constant interactions, and the exchange of ideas and feedback between schools and parents can positively impact the student's academics. But how to create such an environment? As it turns out, software designed to improve school-parent communication can provide this environment and significantly have an advantage over traditional ones.

So a school parent app can substantially contribute to improved school-parent interactions and help bring a highly effective and welcoming learning environment for the students. Here are seven benefits you can get by adding a school parent app to your school or educational institutions :

Establish total control over communication

Since the school parent app is designed to ensure total control over the entire communication activities, the school can oversee all the engagement activities happening inside the app, thereby creating a secure and privacy-oriented communication ecosystem that encourages the sharing of feedback, ideas between school communities.

Instant access to parents

Most of the advanced and feature-rich school parent apps in the market come with features like instant messaging. With this feature, the school can have instant access to one-on-one private conversations with any parent, no matter where they are. This helps the school to convey school announcements, circulars, and important messages swiftly without any delays.

Better parent engagement

As the school parent app comes with features to maximize interactions, the parents and school communicate more often, discuss the issues, and create solutions. In addition, when parents feel that the school values their opinions and ideas, the parents feel motivated to participate in school activities more and contribute their ideas to make school activities better. All these engagements contribute to significantly improved parent engagement.

More productive and organized school activities

As the communication activities between parents and teachers get improved, all the school activities such as annual school events, parent-teacher meetings, and competitions and other activities go smoothly at the right time without any delays. As all these activities happen on time, the school can function without any issues and plan more productive activities for students.

Easy access to students

Compared to traditional chat methods, the school parent app lets the school reach the students with built-in messaging features. With this feature, the teachers can quickly help students in their academic matters no matter where they are. Moreover, the schools can also request students to share school documents, homework with the teacher directly through the app.

Enable school to monitor engagement activities

As the school parent app enables the school administration to monitor the entire school communication activities, every official school announcement, circular or news gets transferred to the parents at the right time without any errors or delays. This helps the school make sure that all kinds of communication to the parents are up to date and free from mistakes.

Improved student's class participation

Improved parent engagement converts to enhance classroom interactions. As the children feel that their parents are part of the school, they start to engage in school activities much more, and this converts to better academics and relationships between teachers, students and parents.

Top features to look out for in a
School Parent App

The market offers a wide range of school parent apps to facilitate and improve communication with schools and parents. Here are a few key features you might want to consider before deciding to go for a school app for your school communication needs.

Comprehensive Communication Dashboard

As the primary role of a school parent app is to provide an intuitive space to make school parent interaction effective, the software you must look out for must have an intuitive user interface (UI) that enables the school to overview and manage the entire communication activities happening in the school. This way, the parents, teachers and students can interact efficiently while the school can facilitate these interactions easily without any roadblocks. So while choosing a school parent app, the school must find software that enables it to conduct all kinds of school communication activities without any restrictions.

The school parent app should be easy to use and provide robust communication features. It must have the option to communicate with parents and students from anywhere easily. In addition, it must showcase a user-friendly design that is engaging and intuitive for users. Moreover, the school parent app must also have robust features to outperform traditional platforms like emails and SMS. In other words, the school parent app should enable the school and parents to express themselves freely without any limitations.

Instant Communication Features

The school parent app should have features that enable the school to deliver school announcements, circulars and other messages privately or school-wide to the smart devices of parents and students as in-app messages. This results in parents getting access to messages swiftly and responding to messages in one place, aiding significant improvements in engagement rates and overall communication between parents and schools.

But it should be noted that the design and features of school parent apps differ from one another, and all have unique characteristics and functionalities. So, it's always recommended to explore the functionalities of the software you're interested in, before taking the decision. When looking out for features, another point to note is the ability to overview and engagement reports; this will help the school tap into insightful reports and analytics that give a picture of how communication and engagement are happening throughout the entire school.

Emergency Messaging

When it comes to communication, there are times when the schools need to connect with parents regarding the wellbeing of the children. Most modern school parent apps come with an emergency messaging feature that lets the school reach out to parents swiftly in case of an emergency. So make sure the app you go with has an inbuilt emergency messaging feature to alert parents in times of need.

Creates rapport with parents

Interactions between parents and school will result in the exchange of feedback, ideas, and suggestions. So the school can find solutions to problems quickly and incorporate new ideas to create the best learning opportunities and outcomes for students. All these constant interactions between parents and school will develop a rapport that will go a long way in building meaningful school-parent relationships.

Provide access to engagement reports

With a modern school parent app, the school can collect and tap into insightful data that helps to understand parent engagement. In addition, the valuable engagement reports can help to gain a picture of how the parents view the entire school activities. All these enable the school to take necessary steps to improve on areas that require immediate attention. Moreover, parent engagement also helps the school collect valuable feedback, which will help make better decisions and create a more welcoming environment for parents and students.

Which is the best School Parent App
you could go for?

A wide variety of school parent apps are available in the market to create an engaging and interactive communication experience. But while choosing a school parent app, it's always essential to go with a platform that matches your current and future requirements and meets your school communication goals. However, if you're looking for a school parent app that enables you to enjoy all the above features in a safe and secure environment, then Schoolvoice is one such software you should consider trying out.

Schoolvoice is an advanced and feature-rich school parent app designed to make school communication effective and productive. It is an intuitive and engaging communication platform that helps streamline communication for schools and parents in a safe and secure environment.

With Schoolvoice, a school can streamline and manage the entire school communication process, control the activities of the staff and teachers, check the status and reports of the messages sent to parents and students, and instantly review the entire communication activities.

What makes Schoolvoice the
best School Parent App

Actionable Messages

One unique feature that makes Schoolvoice a comprehensive school communication platform is the Actionable Messages. The Actionable Messages are messages that come with predefined built-in responses. The school can send announcements, circulars, request fee payments, documents, and much more quickly and get instant parent engagement with this feature.

Instant Messaging

A built-in chat feature that enables schools and parents to initiate chats with each other directly from the smartphone app. The central part of the instant messaging feature is that the parents and teachers can chat with each other without sharing their phone numbers or contact details.


A safe and secure way for teachers to share the fun class activities of children with their respective parents as videos and pictures. So the parents can enjoy watching their loved ones having fun at school.

Teacher Drive

A free and secure cloud storage for teachers to store files school documents and personal files. With this feature, the teachers can share homework, class materials, score sheets, and other documents quickly with students and parents to access them from anywhere.

Rewards and Challenges

A unique feature of Schoolvice that enables teachers to reward students for their positive behaviours and skills with reward points and trophies.

Live Broadcasts

A live chat feature that connects teachers with students and parents and helps make education accessible from anywhere.

Instant Reports

A feature that enables schools to check parent engagement with instant reports to know how the communication is happening in the school.

How are we different from
our competition

With all the interactive and engagement features, Schoolvoice allows schools and parents to interact with one another and create much better learning opportunities and outcomes for children. In addition, Schoolvoce distinguishes itself from other school parent applications because of its unique features like Actionable messages, which allow schools to communicate quickly and make communication swift and engaging for parents, teachers and students.

Moreover, with all the engagement features, Schoolvoice provides a communication platform that can grow as an ecosystem and facilitate the best possible environment to share ideas, exchange feedback, and promote teaching and learning. Apart from that, Schoolvoice is a cross-platform school communication software available in many parts of the globe, including the USA, UAE, Europe and other major countries.

With Schoolvoice, your school can control all your communication and engagement activities, bring more initiatives to improve parent-teacher relationships and build a much better school environment for students.